Fees Schedule Effective from 30 November 2020                        Issued 9 December 2020


Annual Membership Period


The annual membership period is 1 October to 30 September.


Annual Membership Fee Amount


The Annual Membership Fee is $30 per annum.  


A pro-rata membership fee of $8.00 per quarter or part thereof (to a maximum of $30) is offered, and intended for new members only who join part way through the membership year and who will revert to full annual membership the following year.  It is not intended as the introduction of part time membership. 


Attendance Fee Amount


The Attendance Fee is $5.00 per week, which covers all sessions attended during that week.


Gold Pass

The Gold Pass attendance fee is also now offered, payable by EFT in advance.


The Gold Pass attendance fee is $100 per annum (in addition to the $30 membership fee).


Members paying Gold Pass attendance fees will pay no other attendance fees for the year.  This is financially beneficial for members attending more than 20 weeks annually.


Pro rata Gold Pass attendance is offered for new members joining during the year at $25 per quarter or part thereof.


The Gold Pass is also available to existing members who move to it part way through the year, away from the weekly payment. 


Gold Pass members will place a “G” in the payment column in the attendance book. 



Please pay fees etc by Electronic Fund Transfer to:


BSB 633 000 Account 15 548 4595


Please include your Surname and the words:-

Membership” for Annual membership,

Gold Pass” for Gold Pass


Attendance” for a weekly attendance payment.