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Christmas Edition

Hello again fellow members. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping themselves occupied.

Well, were open at last. The first few Covid Safe sessions have happened and all is well with the world. Good to catch up with old friends and meet new ones under the Shed roof



The New Era has kicked off with our postponed AGM and BBQ. It was well attended with over 20 there to have a vote, chat, snag and a beer. Thanks to all who made it possible, special thanks to Graeme who kept the snags and onion from burning whilst the palaver was going on.

New Committee Pres Roger T VP Malcolm (not Watts)

Tres Olivier McCarthy Sec Drew General Norm, Vern, Vin, Graeme and Jeremy

Thanks to previous Committee for their efforts under exceptionally difficult circumstances - very well done

Opening times

Shed will be open as follows Monday 1 - 4, Wednesday 9 - 12 and 1 - 4, Saturday 1 - 4. Maximum 15 Members per session - note that you can attend only one session on Wednesday. PPE - safety glasses, hearing protection, suitable clothing - Masks are mandatory and must be worn at all times

Please note Bookings are no longer required - first in best dressed up to 15 members


Annual fee $30 - this will flow thru to September 2021

Weekly fee $5 - (regardless of how many sessions you might attend and staring Jan 1 FREE UNTIL THEN)

OR Gold Pass - $100 but up front for Attendance fee discounted to $75 for the period to September 2021 (starts Jan1)

Please pay fees etc by Electronic Fund Transfer

BSB 633 000 Account 15 548 4595 (Identify yourself and state what it’s for)

Grants etc.

There are a number of grant applications in the works at present., If successful we might see some new equipment in the Shed!! We recently received a a very large Grant from the council, most of which has been used. We are obliged to have the whole spent by 31 Dec 20. A list has been compiled and purchases will be made to accommodate this time frame

….Soooo - Merry Christmas


You might have seen a large number of HiViz shirts on the Shed roof in the last few days. The Council contractors are installing Solar - we think over 7KWh which means the Shed will be putting Watts back into the grid over and above what we consume. (Pitty we can’t convert HotAir into Watts - else we could probably power the whole state including the DeSal plant!)

Comings and Goings

  • Speaking of Watts Poor Malcolm is still stuck over in Africa.. Had some correspondence recently and he’s coping but not happy - his wife and family is in Oz and getting back into the country is problematic. Keep your chin up, we hope to see you in the Shed very soon.

  • Our Man Flint has finally got his marching orders. He, Joyce and family are officially Gonski on Dec 20 into the wilds of FNWA (Far North West Australia) we wish them well on their great adventure and thank him for his input and good works over the journey.

  • Our Metal Man Vern has been under the knife and had a knee reco, whinging about pain now the morph has worn off but got a bend 100o the other day - keep up the good work!

  • Dust - nothing yet on the Dust system but our Pres is doing his Terrier impersonation and hounding all and sundry. XPres Norm got out the oil can and got a number of windows to operate - so now we can get some cross ventilation going to reduce the fine dust load

  • Unfortunately we might be losing the ‘World’s Finest and only’ French Digeridoo maker/renovator/player. We’re told that he’s given up trying to play Advance Australia and is now trying La Marseillaise - good luck with that! Imagine standing in Le Champs Elysees playing La Marseillaise on Bastille Day on a dig, they’ll bring back La Gillotine just for him. (Hey, how’s that for School Boy French)

  • Lyall was doing his best Alchemist impersonation making gold picture frames from common timber - what a master!

  • Great to see Andre back in the Shed on Wednesday and looking very trim - hopefully the newly renovated Andre will come with a new set of ‘jokes of the day’ - it’s been a difficult enough year.

  • Norm has produced a proposal to the Golf Club to produce distance markers for the fairways. This will help our relationship with our neighbors and generate a good amount of cash to buy and /or upgrade equipment

Just in case we don’t get a chance to say this to everyone - please have a safe and enjoyable Festive Season and may 2021 be less INTERESTING.

That’s all from the EdComm, time for a little drinky poo.

Stay safe, and adhere to the Department of Health advice.

Editorial Committee Paul M & Drew


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