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Thinking of Joining?

Joining the Shed

​We're glad you're interested in joining us!  In order to get the process started, please complete the expression of interest form.  We will then be in contact within five days to organise a time to give you a tour of the Shed and will provide you access to a formal Membership Application to complete at that stage.  

All Membership Applications are considered by the Committee within 14 days of submission, and a our Secretary will be in touch once a decision has been made.  Fees, which are outlined in the Membership Application, are payable on acceptance of your application to join and each October thereafter.  These fees will cover unlimited attendance to sessions, and consumables such as tea, coffee, sandpaper, glue, etc.

All new members must complete an induction session prior to being able to utilise Shed equipment.  This session generally takes a couple of hours, and will introduce you to all of our tools, safety requirements, and provides an opportunity to get to know some other new members.

We look forward to speaking soon!

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form

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