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2021 Health and Safety Edition

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Hello again fellow members. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping themselves occupied. .


  • If you are unwell or have had contact with an infected person, do not attend the shed.

  • Your time of sign in and sign out will be recorded with your contact details.

  • There is a limit of 15 members in the work area. This complies with safe practice within the workspace and also Covid safety.

  • N95 masks will be available at the door and all members are required to use them. The primary purpose is protection from dust, but they also provide Covid protection. They are disposable at the end of the session.

  • Hand sanitier is provided and required to be used on entry, before consuming food, and after using the bathroom, and at other times as necessary.

  • Surface sprays and wipes are provided and should be used for wiping down surfaces that are touched both during the session and at the end of every session.

  • The principles of Covid safety include physical distancing (1.5m), wearing face mask, practising good hygiene, avoiding interacting in close spaces, keeping good records and acting swiftly if a member becomes unwell.

  • If a member becomes unwell, the department of health has a 24/7 Coronavirus hotline: 1800 675 398.

Recent Machine Damage

We have had significant damage done to the Thicknesser and Planer. This is not only expensive and time consuming to repair but extremely dangerous. The cutting blades on both machines are made from Carbide and whilst this material is extremely strong it is also brittle and can shatter.

  • Recently we discovered that timber with embedded nails and screws had been passed through the machines, result - damaged and destroyed Carbide Cutters (pictures attached) these are two of the better cutters, one was split into two and another had the cutting edge shattered off.

Ensure that your project timber has been checked for nails and other 'foreign' material by using the metal detector - check all sides of the material. This is particularly relevant to recycled timber!

  • The timber feed has been impeded because of material clogging the surface

Ensure that you allow your glue time to cure and HARDEN. This generally means it should be left overnight.

Ensure that there are no "Glue Dags" on your project. Use a chisel to remove any excess glue on all surfaces.

Please review the Housekeeping Rules

1. Sign the attendance book and place your attendance fee in the bowl on the desk, immediately on arrival and sign out on leaving the shed

2. Do not change machine settings without prior authorisation from the Shed Captain (exception - blade height and angle on table and band saws)

3. Clear away scraps / off-cuts of timber from machinery immediately after use

4. Clean up excess dust from machinery immediately after use

5. Contribute to the general cleanup work at the end of each Shed session. If you leave early then clean up your own area

6. Ensure the kitchen area is kept clean

7. Use your work area thoughtfully to maximise the opportunity for others. Work-bench space is highly sought after.

8. Remove your project from the bench at the end of the session and store in the Project Room

9. Attend training sessions for machinery operation, held periodically in the Shed.

10. Highlight any damaged or unsafe equipment to a member of the committee as soon as practical.

11. Take responsibility for ensuring dust extraction equipment is properly activated for the tool you are using prior to cutting, etc.

12. Take responsibility for your own safety and be mindful of any impact your activity might have on others.

13. Wear Personal Protective Equipment including heavy duty footwear when using equipment or in dusty environments.

14. Members are encouraged to call out to / remind others who are not complying with any of these rules.

Any questions on these topics should be directed to the Shed Captain or respond to this email.

Editorial Committee Paul & Drew


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