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Hello fellow dust breathers, we hope everyone is enjoying the last little bit of sunshine before Winter sets in. Don’t forget that the Shed is equipped with reverse cycle aircon – it’s always warm on those cold and dark Winter days AND the Old Boiler will keep us in tea and coffee. Please come along and enjoy.

Urgent message to our aspiring Chefs and Cooks. Allan Farber has scheduled his next culinary mystery tour for the last Friday in May (28th).

Doesn’t matter if you have been before, just put your name on the list which is pinned to the notice board on your left on entry.

If you want to see the magical results of the previous experience have a look at the pictures pinned to the notice board on the left as you enter the kitchen – Baked Snapper (and a glass of plonk)

Congratulations to our hard-working Shed Captains who have been safety conscious, helpful and courteous. I’m sure you will agree that it’s reassuring to know that these guys are around. Note that they are now clothed in HiViz vests – so they’re easy to see. Thanks to the Admiral for his hard work in the management of this service.

· Hopefully all Shed Captains will soon be First Aid trained in addition to their CPR/Defib certification.

· We’ve had two volunteers to become Shed Captains – these additions will make more Shed sessions possible – watch this space.

Sad news – we woz robbed! It appears that Our Shed has been entered illegally and a number of battery powered tools have been stolen.

· The Police have been notified and are investigating

· The Council, as our Land Lord has been notified

· Doors to the Office, Metal Room and Tool Room are now lockable and will be locked at the close of each Session after all tools have been cleared from benches and returned to the appropriate Room.

· Shed Captain will inventory power tools before lockup.

Good News – for those you who were around last year, you will remember that we lost Malcom Watts to Covid. Fortunately, it wasn’t permanent and we have just received news that he has secured a flight Out of Africa on Redford Airlines. He’s due back to Oz in a couple of weeks and will then endure several weeks of quarantine before returning to his family. Might have to “hoist a few’ to celebrate his return.

Thicknesser – we are speaking to the supplier about getting a suitably qualified technician to service this machine. Its performance has been sub-optimal and requires a bit of TLC.

Christmas in July - this BBQ event has been set for Saturday, July 17 from 1.00pm. It’s a great opportunity to have a chat, meet new Members and catch up with Members you may not have seen since before the Covid lockdowns. Sooo, please put it in your calendar!

Covid safe – There’s a QR code at the entrance, so please use it as mandated by the Council and State Government. You will have to download the reader application Services Victoria.

Into your phone browser type in “Services Victoria QR Code” download the app.

If you get into trouble call for our resident expert, President Roger or the bloke in the HiViz vest – good luck.

General safety – please remember to use the appropriate PPE when using the Shed’s machinery

Safety glasses,

Hearing protection

Face mask

Poor Sam shouted himself hoarse telling Members to comply – to no avail. (although it might have been a foreign language issue!)

Metal as anything – Vern, John, Sam and other helpers have transferred all equipment to its new abode and the chaps have installed the Drill Mill which is ready to Drill and Mill. It’s been suggested that it could be used to create some interesting Bread Boards, but we here at the Swarf are not convinced. We understand that the electrics are to be installed soon and they won’t be forced to use hot air to power their contraptions – well done.

New Members

We welcome our new members. They've been through a lot: Committee, Induction and a long wait. Please make them welcome.

Aric Drabin

Geoff Langford

Joseph Lamvohee

Alan MacLean

Anthony Smolyansky

Ray Krieser

David McLennan

Robert Kale

David Golabeck

Philip Rosenwax

Neil Graham

Morris Bloom

Brendan Mitchell

John Turner

Kim Burnell

Stay safe, and adhere to the Department of Health advice.

Editorial Committee Paul M & DO


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