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It’s Good News Week

1. Covid Restrictions will be eased from midnight Thursday.

2. Shed restrictions will be eased as well but with the following Rules:

a) The maximum group size is 10 people

b) Where possible, members and participants must check in using the Bayside City Council QR code. Otherwise, details must be recorded on a manual register.

c) Density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm applies

d) Masks must be worn indoors

HOWEVER - the Shed will remain closed until Monday, June 14

The reason, and here’s the great news……our Council funded DUST EXTRACTION SYSTEM is being installed and will be operational next


Great thanks to the Bayside Council for their efforts to keep us Healthy and Gainfully Occupied.

We can now breathe easily!

This was the progress at CoB Wednesday.

Further, we will be remodeling the Shed setup in line with the agreed plans. That is, to complete the move of the Metal Room including re-wiring etc. and finalise changes to the woodworking area.

The Committee plans to run a couple of working sessions in order to fit out the various rooms and Members will be :”Volunteered” as required

More progress reports to come shortly but in the meanwhile: Stay safe, and adhere to the Department of Health advice.

Editorial Committee Paul M & DO


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