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Feb Edition

Hello again fellow members. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping themselves occupied. Wishing you and your family good health and friendship in 2021. In order to keep Members up to date on Committee discussions we will publish information is this Newsletter from time to time Dust control and Covid As you will be aware Bayside Council has indicated that they will install a dust control and air purifier system in the near future. In the interim your Committee has decided mandate the wearing of face masks whilst in the Shed. (This will not apply whilst eating and drinking). Vin has sourced a supply of P95 masks, these will be handed out on entry. Covid Rules on face masks have been relaxed in some areas however in our Shed fine dust has the potential to be very dangerous. Shed Quiet Room and other space - the Committee needs your input The quiet room at the Shed was originally designed to give members a chance to relax, read books and access tv and internet. However, it is apparent that the room is not often used and sometimes has become a convenient ‘dumping ground’ for materials and redundant equipment. At our recent committee meeting it was decided that we should take a look at the use of the room and consider some options to use the space more effectively – especially given the pressure on workspace in the main workshop area. Malcolm Garratt and Jeremy Wood have offered to canvass some ideas and prepare some options for change, also to include the ‘office’ and the area where tea is taken around the two large tables. Could you provide any ideas - some thoughts to consider: 1 Do you use the quiet room for its intended purpose? Would, for example, a relocation of the tv, couple of easy chairs and bookcase to a restyled office area work? 2.Where do you feel the pressure is on space in the workshop, storage? Workbenches? Other? 3. is there enough laydown space in the workshop for larger projects? 4. Do we store too much timber inside? 5. Would you object to tea breaks being conducted like Beaumaris, ie chairs brought out to ‘sit in a circle’ and then restacked? 6. Our priority is for woodwork/metalwork and closely related activities. Is that how you see us continuing given that our resources are limited and any expansion of activity type would also place pressure on space? Is there a desire to expand activities (eg open additional days) and if so how do we make our space multi-use and multipurpose to accommodate that? PLEASE EMAIL COMMENTS, THOUGHTS, SUGGESTIONS TO MALCOLM Shed news Our Man Vern (Steptoe) Smith has been collecting other people's "Junk", and via the Beaumaris & Black Rock Neighbourhood Watch group sending it to needy people in areas of Gippsland that were ravaged by fire in 2018/19. The last shipment was two 40ft shipping containers (pictured). In those containers was a pedestal drill press and assorted hand tools sourced from our Shed. Well done Vern and Neighbourhood Watch.

The other Steptoe operation has been out to collect a replacement bench which you will see on entry. It needs some TLC but will scrub up nicely and includes an antique vice. Thanks Jeremy and his borrowed ute that I believe is called "cobweb".

Norm has been busy too. Along with Allen Faber he is progressing plans for cooking classes. These are scheduled to be held on the first Friday of the month - start date to be advised

Sooo, if you have an interest in producing culinary delights or learning how to prepare veggies safely, this is for you. Please drop Norm a line, catch him or Allen at the Shed or respond to this email and we'll get your name on the list.

Speaking of "Pretty Boy" Brash and his bevvy of beauties! Norm and his helpers (not the ones pictured, but just as pretty), built a potting bench, designed especially to accommodate wheelchair access. Great design - well executed, Norm.

All contributions gratefully accepted Editorial Committee Paul M & Drew


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