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New Year Edition

Hello again fellow members. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping themselves occupied. Wishing you and your families good health and friendship in 2021.

Shed re-opening

We are sorry to be the bearers of sad news however we have just received a notification from Bayside Council, as follows

Dear Senior Community Groups

In light of the recent COVID cluster arising in Bayside we are highly recommending that Senior Community Groups suspend their activities at all Senior Community Centres and Men’s Sheds until further notice.

Council is closely monitoring the situation and we will update you with changes as they come to hand.

For the latest Bayside case locations and outbreaks please visit

Meaning that the scheduled re-opening of the Shed will not happen. It appears that Covid-19 is reappearing in the Community and until this is controlled the Shed will stay closed.

New Members

Since the Pre Christmas relaxation of Covid Restrictions we have had a significant number of enquiries for Shed membership. A large proportion of these inquiries have resulted in new members coming onboard and we welcome these newcomers to our Shed Community.

Please make them welcome

New equipment

We have been the beneficiaries of yet another extraordinary grant from Bayside Council which has been spent on new equipment. In particular a number of cordless devices which are housed in the Tool Room, these include:

  • Impact driver and drill

  • Brad nailer

  • Corner sander

  • Multi tool

  • Angle grinder

  • Trim router

All of which are powered by 18 volt 5Ah batteries in a charger capable of charging six batteries. (please put the batteries into charger after use).

Editorial Committee Paul M & Drew


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