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Opening (again) Edition

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Hello again fellow members. Some QUICK snippets.

Great news, the Shed has received approval to re-open next Saturday, 20 Feb.

Roger will stand as Captain for the session and is looking for a volunteer Hygiene Captain. Drop in for a cuppa and chat at Smoko!

  • Leadlight by Jeremy - Jeremy has offered to run classes on Lead-lighting. Details will be posted shortly

  • Cooking - these sessions will start shortly. If you haven’t signed up yet please get on board and improve your Home appeal.

  • Office changes - the Shed Office will receive a facelift in an effort to better utilise the dwindling available space at the Shed. This is Phase one with further changes to be made shortly. The Committee asked for Member input but, sadly received only one response. If you want to be involved in these changes please make your thoughts and ideas known.

  • Committee ratification of new members - our Rules require that all new Members must be ratified by a formal meeting of the Committee. This has not been enforced in the past however all new Members will now be subject this Rule.

  • Distance markers - Norn reports that this is moving along and Bruce McDonald has offered his expertise in order to produce a router template for the distances to etched into the markers.

  • Recent inductions - we have had an Induction session for 5 new members with a second session postponed due to the Lockdown. A new date will be announced soon. Jeremy Wood has been volunteered to take the role of Induction Captain and will be co-ordination this function for both NEW and EXISTING Members as all members MUST attend Induction.

  • Outside timber store - volunteers. Our Woodstore Captain Malcolm is looking for Volunteers to assist with the rationalisation of the external wood store. Please contact him to offer your services.

  • On a similar note, we have received a number of donations of timber, some of which is substandard and potentially dangerous. All donations must be vetted by the Wood Captain or the Shed Captain if the former is unavailable.

  • Lyall has been making large numbers of Bowls Caddies for the Elwood Bowling Club. He has notched up $200 in sales, great effort Lyall and your Little Helpers

  • The Shed has received a $2300 grant from VMSA / State Government. Letter of thanks on the way.

  • Receipt of Council $2000 grant for N95 masks and sanitiser and disinfectant. Note that Covid Rules are still in force:

    • Names and contact details at the front door

    • Hand sanitiser at the front door

    • N95 masks to be worn in the Shed at all times. Note that until we are graced with dust extraction these masks are really important for your lung health. Dust kills!!

Editorial Committee Paul M & Drew


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