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Good news – Council has advised we can return to the Shed on Monday 18th January! Please note the pop-up COVID testing site at the Brighton Golf course remains open next week. Council has advised that the golfers have priority parking on the arch around the front of the Men’s Shed and Toy Library. So we will need to park at the front of the Shed or on Dendy Street for the first week of operation. Our Covid Plan and rules will continue to apply. The maximum number of attendees for each session is 15 including the Shed Captain and Hygiene Captain. Attendance will be on a first come basis on the day .No need to contact the Captains prior to coming, but be prepared to be knocked back if the Shed is at capacity. This is unlikely as we have not filled the sessions in recent times. The Thicknesser and Planer blades have been damaged. These machines are serviceable but the usually fine finish has been compromised. Please ask the Shed Captain if you are not sure how to operate these machines, The roster of Shed Captains and Hygiene Captains is: Monday PM

Captain G Marchingo

Hygiene V Griffith (G Woolard will be attending and will stand in for Vin if he is unable to be present)

Wednesday AM

Captain G Woolard Hygiene G Marchingo Wednesday PM Captain N Brasch Hygiene R Tyler (G Woolard will be attending and will stand in for Roger who will not be present) Saturday AM Captain J Wood Hygiene R Tyler (Jeremy will nominate a Hygiene Captain on the day from those attending, to stand in for Roger who will not be present)

Editorial Committee Paul M & Drew


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