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Summer/Autumn Edition

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Hello again fellow members. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping themselves occupied.

WARNING - the Shed Ogre is looking for Conscripts to assist with the Outside Wood store. Unpack and sort, clean area then repack. Everyone is a target, so Volunteer before you are Volunteered

Shed Captain

Jeremy has accepted the rank of Admiral - Shed Captains which entails training, organising the roster and other roles as outlined below.

We have only a small number of Members who are filling the Shed Captain role and we are looking for new volunteers to swell these ranks and take the pressure off. This role is pivotal to the Shed


As all members would know, at each shed session there is a designated Shed Captain who is responsible for the safety of members present and to ensure that all shed equipment is being used and operated in an appropriate and safe manner. In addition to these main responsibilities they are responsible for opening the shed ready for the days session, recording attendance details of members present, ensuring that the Shed is clean and tidy at the end of the session and for securing the building.

The Shed Captain is also available to give guidance to members on their projects if requested and on the safe and correct use of all equipment.

We would like to get more members involved and skilled up in order to be Shed Captains at shed sessions on a rotational basis.

Jeremy and Drew will provide a training session at a time to be determined in order to brief those members interested in the roles and duties of the shed Captain in more detail. It is anticipated that the training session would take a couple of hours and be conducted at the Shed

The more members that we have skilled up to undertake this role the more equitable the sharing of the responsibilities of operating the BBMS safely and efficiently in the interest of all members.

Please contact Jeremy by email ( with your name and contact details .

Thanks to:

Harry Szuster - who rewired our “new” Mortising machine

Bruce McDonald - who is preparing CNC generated templates for Norm’s Golf Club distance markers.

Vin Griffith - who has re-organised our first aid supplies from many individual pouches and sundry plastic containers into a well ordered First Aid Station in the Office.

Shed revamp - Phase one of the revamp, headed by Malcolm is almost complete (power and aerial still to be connected). Have a look at the new office/recreation area - compact but functional.

This leaves the old Quiet Room for more efficient usage.

You have probably noticed that our Resident Didgeridoo playing French Member has been MIA. Unfortunately he has learned the hard way that there’s a Use by Date for players of competitive sports such as Soccer. End result - torn Achilles Tendon. Get well soon!!

Bentmoor Shed Invitation (please let Drew know if you would like to attend and I’ll RSVP)

The Executive of the Bentmoor Community Men's Shed has great pleasure in inviting a representative of your Shed to attend the launch of our Shed at its new home at Moorleigh Community Village:

Date: Friday 12th March (postponed from the original date of 26th Feb)

Place: Bentmoor Community Men's Shed, Moorleigh Community Village, 92-94 Bignell Road, Bentleigh East


11.30am: Shed open for guests to look through

12 noon: Speeches and formailities

12.15pm: Light Covid-Safe lunch served

The Shed will remain open until 1pm for further tours and chat.

We very much hope to see you there; please RSVP by return email by Monday 7th March.

New Members - in future the on-boarding process will be as follows:

1. Applicants must be interviewed by a Committee Member to collect a paper copy of the Application Form

2. The application will be put to the full Committee for Ratification

3. If ratified the Applicant must pay Dues

4. The Applicant must present for Induction

Editorial Committee Paul M & Drew


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