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Autumn Edition

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Sad news!

Norm Brasch has taken a bad tumble from his bicycle. He’s been hospitalised at the Alfred. Roger has been in touch with Jan and she reports that he is ok but in pain with a suspected broken rib and facial lacerations. Will be kept under observation for the time being. We wish Norm a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing his smiling face at the Shed soon.


A new set of Covid rules is now in effect. Council has decreed the following

Summary of the restrictions and how they relate to your club at the Seniors Centres or Men’s Sheds:

  • Whilst Victorians do not have to wear a mask indoors they still need to carry a mask with them at all times. However, masks must be worn on public transport, in rideshare vehicles and taxis.

  • Groups must continue to record all attendee details to support contact tracing. Records can be kept electronically such as QR codes or in hard copy and should be kept for 28 days.

  • Groups can have 1 person per 2sqm if they use the electronic check-in process. If using a manual form only to record check-in, then clubs must adhere to the 1 person per 4sqm rule.

There is currently no change to our covid plan which includes approved disposable masks to be worn in the Shed in an effort to protect against the harmful effects of dust inhalation. Committee will be doing a review of covid policy in the near future

We are waiting for Council to provide suitable dust control and air purifying equipment.

New members

The Shed would like to welcome the following new members:

Peter Duncan Neil Hoskin

Will Thurlow David Osborn

Rob Burns Harry Szuster

Zig Zerger Sam Upleger

John Stanford Dan Ward

Boots Evans The return of Bob Stanton

Metal room

Phase 1 of the accommodation revamp has been completed and the Office area has been reconfigured to accommodate the Office, First Aid equipment and bed, and Lounge area.

The Committee has approved the proposal to move the Metal room to more favorable accommodation in what was the Quiet Room. Vern has been busy with the layout design which will be circulated when complete

Plans for the revamped Woodworking area will be completed soon and will also be circulated when they are to hand. PLEASE - if you have any suggestions contact Malcolm or Jeremy

Project Room - Action needed

The Project Room has become very crowded. There is a large number of timber pieces that are not named. In order to keep the room functional please ensure the following:

  • for small projects, please take them home and bring them back when you return to the Shed

  • for projects left in the Shed project room ensure they are clearly labelled with your name and date

  • ensure they are stored neatly for one month maximum

Please Note that material currently in the Room that is not labelled and dated by Saturday 10th April will be removed and either disposed of or recycled

Cooking club

Allan and Norm had their first cooking workshop on Friday 26, we wish them well and look forward to seeing pictures of the successful outcome.


Jeremy has postponed the start of these workshops util the Shed reconfiguration has been completed. More news coming

From the Admiral

Jeremy (Eddy Everywhere) Wood has promoted himself to Admiral in charge of the Shed Captains - sounds like a Chain of Command. He’s also in charge of Inductions (and Plank Walking classes)

He has asked the we remind you of the following:

  • Put tools away in the correct spot by the session end

  • Clear benches - we have a Project Room for you cheese boards

  • Project Room will soon be reorganised to provide more usable shelf space (see above)

Shed Captains

Jeremy has completed the training session for Shed Captains, they are as follows

Graeme Woolard

Norm Brasch

Sam Upleger

Steve Gray

Geoff Marchingo

Paul Missen

Vern Smith

Adm. Jeremy Wood

Roger Tyler

GS. Drew Owens

Provisional and pending training Vin Griffith. Malcolm Garratt and John Spillare

Anyone wanting to Volunteer for this important role, please contact Jeremy


Unfortunately we missed Christmas 2020! However there are plans afoot to have Christmas in July as a substitute. Stand by for more information from our Catering Captain.


We need some help rearranging the outside wood rack next Wednesday - 14 April. Restacking timber and cleaning up the area.

Time - 9AM

Bring gloves and a spade/shovel

Editorial Committee Paul M & DO E&OE

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