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Winter Edition

Welcome to our Winter Edition, we hope everyone has looked out their Winter woollies and dusted off the wet weather gear.

It’s been a busy year so far and looks like it will continue. Let’s run through a few things - in no particular order.

l Norm has had some severe medical issues but we are told that he is on the mend and itching to get back to the Shed for a yarn, a coffee and another bowl turned on the lathe.

l Paul Missen had a very bad accident on the Planer and which carved a large chunk of flesh from the pad of his left thumb. (He’s had to have a skin graft and we’re very concerned about the site from which the skin is taken!). He’s recovering well, although this will interfere with his Ukulele playing!

Paul has agreed to take on the Role of Volunteer Shed Manager, he will report to the Secretary. He will have a number of regular tasks dealing with safe and efficient running of the Shed and project based tasks such as the refreshment of the Tool and Project Rooms. Please welcome Paul to the Role and support him.

l Covid rules have been relaxed and Roger has rewritten the Shed plan based on Council’s framework. Masks are no longer mandatory but are recommended when Members are in dusty areas or using big dust producers like the sanders.

l Roger and Vern have cleared the old Quiet Room in preparation for the Metal room and painted the floor ready to receive the equipment. We understand that the Mill Drill will be placed and set up this week. This machine will be a great a great addition to the Shed’s Metalwork Offering.

l If you have a look at the back of of the Shed you will see the newly erected timber rack. This has enabled the separation of different timbers, cleaned up the area and made provision for a load of dressed Iron Bark taken from the Brighton Baths and donated by Council. Thanks to Melvin Karratt (pictured below with two of our own) from Bayside Council - OuttaTime and SloMotion Department for his able assistance in this matter

  • You will also see a large load of DAR Jarrah very kindly donated by Luis. This came from the Busselton WA forest area by way of Mt Tom Price where Luis was working and has been carefully stored and aged at his home in Brighton. I’m sure that the Home Manager is happy to see the back of it. There was one condition attached to the donation - NOT to be used for Cheese Boards!!

  • We received a great donation from David and Margaret Smith of East Bentleigh it’s a replacement for our ageing Carbatec table saw. It’s probably the same age but it’s had very little use and is in much better shape. Unfortunately David is unwell and can’t continue with his toy making but is very happy to see the saw being used after its long spell in mothballs. We will bring David to the Shed in the near future for Smoko.

  • We have had a large number of New Member applications since re-opening. These Applications are going through “The Process” and you will see some new faces around the Shed in the near future - please make them welcome. Two of the new applicants are from the Bentmoor Shed which has relocated to East Bentleigh - further away. We’re happy to welcome a couple of fellow woodworkers.

  • With the potential increase in Membership comes the possibility of extending the Shed’s hours of operation. The Committee is looking at Saturday afternoon to better accommodate those of us who work through the week.

  • As you are aware ALL Members must undertake our Induction Program. Jeremy and his Minion are working forward and backward through the Member list. Forward through New Members and Backward through all other Members. When you are nominated please make time to attend, it’s for your benefit and to fulfil our Insurance obligations.

  • Pat and Sam have embarked on a revamp of the Shed website and we look forward to an efficient and colourful result. More soon.

From the Admiral:

Shed Captain Responsibilities and Authority

For the information of all BBMS members the following members have trained and have qualified as BBMS Session Shed Captains.

Jeremy Wood (Shed Captain Coordinator)

Drew Owens (Machinery Captain)

Paul Missen

Roger Tyler

Norm Brasch

John Spillare

Graeme Woolard

Sam Upleger

Stephen Gray

Vin Griffith

Malcolm Garrett

Geoff Marchingo

Vern Smith

Their role is summarised as follows

To be responsible for the overall safe operation and conduct of each BBMS session

To ensure that attending members are operating in a manner that is safe for both themselves and other members working

At each shed session The Shed Captain does not work on any of their own projects but is there to ensure that members conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner and that all machinery and equipment is being used correctly and safely. They are also their to offer assistance and guidance to members who may need some advice or assistance on a project they are working on or have planned

Shed Captains are rostered for each session and are identified on the Shed Captain Roster sheet that is on the door leading into the main workroom. On signing in for each session make yourself aware of who the Shed Captain is for that session. We are currently working on some form of identification that will make it easy for them to be identified.

The Shed Captain will also observe members use of machinery and equipment to ensure that it is being used appropriately and safely. If they are of the view that a member is not doing this, they will advise the member on the correct operating procedure and then be satisfied that the member understand this and proceeds accordingly. If the Shed Captain has any concerns about the member's ongoing use of the equipment or machinery that may negatively impact on the safety of the member, other members and/or the equipment and machinery, then they may direct the member to cease operating. The Shed Captain will then advise the Shed Captain coordinator and the Machinery Captain that the relevant member requires additional training on the relevant machinery or equipment and this will be required to be completed before the member can recommence operating the specific machine or piece of equipment.

Each member needs to understand and respect the role of the Shed Captain and follow their instructions if asked to do so. They are performing this role in the best interests of all members and in the interests of overall shed safety.

The next Committee Meeting is scheduled for Monday, 10 May and Members are invited to add relevant items to the Agenda for discussion. Please send your items to Drew on the

Stay safe, and adhere to the Department of Health advice.

Editorial Committee Paul M & DO


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