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Winter Edition

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hello fellow dust eaters, we hope that this edition finds you fit and well and developing a vaccine immunity to the dreaded Covid scourge.

Good News

The dust extraction system has been completed and is operational. The machinery has been connected and we are waiting for an opportunity to test it.

The system will be operated only by Shed Captains. Please resist the urge to press the buttons - it’s taken a long time to get it up and running and it would be sad to lose it

More Good News

The Shed will reopen on Wednesday 30 June at 9am. Note that due to new Covid rules a maximum number of 15 Members will be allowed to enter and work at the Shed.


Please remember that PPE rules prevail. Safety glasses, appropriate footwear and particularly Hearing Protection.

The Dust Extraction system is quite noisy at present and Hearing Protection is highly recommended.

Looking after yourself and your mates

Want to learn how to help a mate who feels like life isn’t worth living?

Take part in the Mental Health First Aid Conversations about Suicide course. It is a four-hour course that is offered through your local Men’s Shed for free. A research team from the University of Melbourne will ask men who choose to participate to complete three questionnaires at different times of the study, which will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. To find out more get in touch with your local Men’s Shed or email Sanne Oostermeijer via

Tool Theft

There has not been a satisfactory solution to the theft of battery tools from the Shed, the Committee has resolved to purchase replacements and the monies have been allocated

Working Bees

Thanks to all who helped clean up the Shed - it was looking pretty sad after the Covid shutdown and works to install the dust extraction system. A lot of junk has been cleared and clutter has been reduced. The dust system will make it a lot easier to keep the place clean.

The new Tool Room has a vast set of Pigeon Holes and drawers (but no birds!). Please take the equipment and drawer as a unit in order to keep all of the bits together.

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